Wholeheart HOPE Healing​

What my clients are saying

When I went to my first session with Jenn I was tired. So very tired and angry. I was not sure what to expect but new that something had to give. I had to give and allow others to give to me. I found Jenn warm, funny with an enthusiasm that made me smile.

I left my first session with exposure to several approaches to healing which was great for me.

I enjoyed experimenting with different approaches such as journaling questions, crystals, essential oils, Chakra information and healing message. As time passed, I looked forward to my visits and knew that I would come away with something I could carry with me and that would change me…sometimes subtly and at other times a shift…an abrupt change in perception. I needed a change in perception, a change in attitude and Jenn guided me in that change with kindness, humor and honesty. I felt like she was able to really get to know me and settle in with an approach that reached me.

My personal favorite was discussing the journaling, I dug deep. I wrote when it was quiet and the answers that were revealed to me affected my outlook on myself, those close to me, my community and my place in this world as a human being. I appreciated the tough questions and even more so the compassion and grace that Jenn freely offered as I shared what I found…or what was already there, I just needed help finding it and she gave that to me. Thank you, Jenn.

Jen H-Client February 2019

While Jen is young ( I’m twice her age), don’t be fooled! She is an old soul with a gift that is undeniable. Her ability to heal and read situations is amazing. Thanks for the very necessary work you do Jenn!

Renee J, Client - May 2018

I've been working with Jenn for a few months now and want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the experiences she has provided me. Years ago I was very active with journaling. But like a lot of beneficial activities, eventually I gave it up & claimed to not have enough free time to restart the practice. With Jenn's encouragement (guilt trip), I took to the activity once again with renewed interest. The journal prompts she provides are not easy to write about. They require a good bit of in depth contemplation and soul searching. Sometimes the truth is not easy to face, but the truth is what heals the soul. And for this soul, if I don't have it on paper, it is too easy to skim over the issue and not grow to resolution. Thank you, Jenn!

Toni M-Client February 2019