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Integrative Health Programs

During these intensive Integrative Health Courses we will explore your mind, body and spirit. You will understand the more complex energies of your body and how they are affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. In all courses you will learn how to consume mindfully for your energy centers; how to utilize natural, drug free herbs and supplements; working with crystals; aromatherapy and essential oils; and other natural resources that aid in balance and restoration of your energy. You will also receive mindfulness activities designed for optimal healing within the specific energy imbalance activities such as but not limited to yoga poses, meditation, visualization, and breath work techniques. From those course you will develop a mindful ability to have a neutral response/reaction and conscious awareness; you will have a deeper understanding of your subconscious; and you will lose old, negative patterns of thought and limiting beliefs.

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Distant Reiki and Online Programs

Due to CoVid-19 New Online Programs are available...Contact for more information.

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Natural Solutions to Wholeness Living

 In this Introduction Course we will spend 12 weeks transforming your lifestyle to wholeness based living holistically using natural resources and mindfulness techniques. Finding balance and harmony in your life begins inward. As humans we commonly fill our minds, body and spirit with outside energy. We sacrifice our own wellness to care for others leaving our self incomplete. We lack the nurturing of self. From this course you will be guided on how to fill your Self Nurture tool box. You will learn simple lifestyle changes that nurture and support your wholeness needs varying from natural remedies and supplements; aromatherapy and essential oils; nutrition and physical activity plus energy healing, mindfulness meditation and more!

Transitional Care, Recovery, and More!

This program is geared toward individuals who are experiencing disease, illness, and/or autoimmune disorders. We will spend time designing and transforming your lifestyle holistically using natural resources, mindfulness techniques and body therapy based on your needs.  This practice will vary depending on the severity of your imbalance. We will then create balance and harmony within your healing that optimizes your biological programming plus rewiring your mind into a new, positive healing experience. I will assist you in navigating your Western Medicine options; advocating for your healing needs; assisting your support team with their needs; and guiding you to the resources necessary to maintain a full recovery. Together we will nurture and support your wholeness needs varying from natural remedies and supplements; aromatherapy and essential oils; nutrition and physical activity plus energy healing, mindfulness meditation and more!  

Click the PODCAST below for a testimonial, an extraordinary healing that I was privileged o be a part of!

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Nancy interviewed Jenn Walsh, a holistic healer specializing in trauma, addiction and mental illness. As a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and a Reiki Master Practitioner, Jenn utilizes natural resources provided by Mother Earth, Energy and Intuitive guidance to heal energy discrepancies that create physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about how Jenn is helping Nancy’s husband, Jimmie. 

Loving Your Dark 

Shadow Work Energy Course- (Lower Chakras) In this 16 week course we explore the shadow energy from birth to present that are blocking your ability to fully heal and restore your vital life force energy. The Shadow Self is an archetype that forms part of the unconscious mind and is composed of repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions and embarrassing fears. Psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung described the shadow self as the “darker side of the personality,” containing all the negative human emotions such as rage, anger, jealousy, hate, greed, selfishness and desire for power.  This intensive course will guide you through the dark, shadow energy stuck within each center.  From this profound healing experience you will grow spiritually, emotionally and you will learn to VALUE and empower yourself. More importantly you will become SELF-AWARE.