Wholeheart HOPE Healing​

My Experience, My Strength, My HOPE!


Glad you are here.....My name is Jenn and I am a person in long term recovery. I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a mother, a student, a entrepreneur and a friend. 

Because I am worthy!

I began my healing journey as a broken, damaged single mother. I experienced the trauma of abuse and addiction beginning at birth, I lived in addiction and later became addicted. Gratefully, I am recovering from PTSD,  Anorexic/Orthorexic and Substance Abuse.  I have walked through the darkness, and I have found the light with help from 12-Step programs, Eating Disorder Recovery, and Codependents Recovery.

Recover and Rise

When my recovery began,  I chose to vigorously and enthusiastically pursue life experiences through awareness of human nature and consciously observing behaviors and interactions. This pursuit became my passion. It is the root to my healing,  and my reason to expand my abilities through education and training on a daily basis. This passion has evolved into my purpose, and I am now successfully creating a life that is sustained on Wholehearted Hope and Healing. I am here to give back what I was given and help you discover your true passion and purpose.


I have become a solution-living, HOPE-giving, spiritual-loving, redneck cactus hippie... who's living proof that miracles do happen!